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Audio services

If you have any musical ideas, any project that would require a specific music production, or if you are an artist looking to start a career in the music industry,

I would like to help you in any way I can in order to reach your goals.

You are more than welcome to come by the studio and discuss what I can do in order to support your creativity.


The last few years I have specialized myself on mixing music. For me, this is the process where every musical idea on your part is translated as well as possible and ultimately comes out of the speakers as you envisioned when you started making the track (s).

A good mix starts in the production process, from recording the vocals (see recording for more information) but also which samples, loops, synthesizers etc. you use. Before we start, I always want to get a clear picture of which direction you want to go in terms of the sound. For an introduction, you are more than welcome to visit the studio. We can also call or do this by mail so that we can have a look at your project together. This is very important to me as I can mix something in different ways but what matters to me the most is that it will be exactly as you envision it!

If I think before starting to mix that some improvements can be made (arrangement, sound design, vocal recordings, etc.) I can bring this up, but you decide what my role within your project will ultimately be.


Nowadays it has become a lot more accessible to be able to make music everywhere, where you can make great music with a laptop and a simple interface. An advantage of this is that when you have inspiration you can do something with it right away.

A disadvantage however, and this is important to know, that with a poor recording quality expectations must be limited about the final result that can be achieved with these stems. If you are looking for a place to record well you can get started with me in the studio with perfectly tuned acoustics, in combination with the right high-quality microphone(s)!

The studio is especially suitable for recording vocals, but also for acoustic instruments such as guitar and percussion. In addition, I have the opportunity to bring bands in contact with recording engineers who work in a studio with a large live room and top console. After I can mix the recorded tracks for you.


Voice over

In the studio I have high-quality equipment for recording voice-overs for TV, radio, cinema, advertising and personal videos. View the projects page for some examples of the past year.

Music production

Still looking for the right sound that really suits you? Enough musical ideas as a songwriter or producer but having a hard time to translate them into the right notes, feel or sound?

I myself started as a beat maker and I am familiar with making many different styles of music. Over the years I have gathered a large network of session musicians who can make a good contribution to improve any production musically.

My current role as a producer mainly consists of bringing musicians together, who I expect to be able to work well with each other. In addition, I can also think about the arrangement and sound design in order to try to achieve the best end result.


Sound design

I can help you with any idea and concept of ‘how it should sound’. From foley, jingle productions or making the right soundtrack for a (short) film. I can do this with recorded instruments, good digital simulations or a combination of both.

Custom projects

Sometimes your desires don’t fall on any of the categories previously mentioned or are a combination of several of them. In this case, I invite you to sit down with me at the studio so that together we can figure out what’s the best solution in order to visualize and conceive your ideas.


1 on 1 audio lessons

I myself enjoy talking about audio engineering, especially the process of mixing. We can talk about the basics, for example what a compressor actually does. We can also go deeper into how you can give your mixing sessions more depth, dynamics and power.

In addition, we can take the time to look at my own sessions and completed projects, where I will take you through every step of how I approached mixing. Mixing a track from start to finish is also possible, where I will answer all your questions as well as possible. If you need help with anything feel free to send me a message.

Together we will see if I can help you and what the best approach will be. I prefer to do these lessons in the studio where we have the right acoustics for you to be able to hear the sometimes small nuances/details that come with mixing. But of course, it is also possible via an online platform.

If you have any questions or remarks after reading this,
don’t hesitate to contact me