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Let me introduce myself

My name is Quincy Speelman. Everything I do now started with my great passion for audio. From the moment I started making music around 10 years ago I became interested in the whole process of music production. I then decided to go to the SAE Institute in the Netherlands. Here I obtained my Bachelor of Arts in Audio Engineering in 2016 after a study of two years.

Through my work, studies, internships and personal projects, I have gained a lot of experience in the various aspects of the audio industry in recent years. Some years ago, I decided to start with this studio: “SoundBest”. It is very important to me that whatever ideas someone comes up with, I can help to realize ‘how something should sound’. Feel free to visit the studio or contact me to see what I can do for you. More …


The last few years I have specialized myself on mixing music. For me, this is the process where every musical idea on your part is translated as well as possible and ultimately comes out of the speakers as you envisioned when you started making the track (s). More ...


Nowadays it has become a lot more accessible to be able to make music everywhere, where you can make great music with a laptop and a simple interface. An advantage of this is that when you have inspiration you can do something with it right away. More ...


In the studio I have high-quality equipment for recording voice-overs for TV, radio, cinema, advertising and personal videos. View the projects page for some examples of the past year. More ...

Muziek productie

Still looking for the right sound that really suits you? Enough musical ideas as a songwriter or producer but having a hard time to translate them into the right notes, feel or sound? More ...

1 on 1 audio lessons

I myself enjoy talking about audio engineering, especially the process of mixing. We can talk about the basics, for example what a compressor actually does. We can also go deeper into how you can give your mixing sessions more depth, dynamics and power. More ...

Custom projects

Sometimes your desires don’t fall on any of the categories previously mentioned or are a combination of several of them. In this case, I invite you to sit down with me at the studio so that together we can figure out what’s the best solution in order to visualize and conceive your ideas. More ...

Projects of SoundBest

A selection of projects on which i have worked on. View all projects

Stichting VNB en Voice-over – Dieuwertje Blok [2:21]

Voice-over CliniClowns – Astrid Joosten

Live in the studio [03:36]

Book the studio!

Do you only wish to work on your projects alone? Do you only want to make use of our studio? Contact me to schedule your sessions.

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